Homeward Found.

I live in a green house. A classic turn-of-the-Century bungalow built on a friendly block in the same village where Frank Lloyd Wright had his original home and studio. What makes my house a home is what it’s filled with: kids, dogs, laughter, love and things. Beautiful things that I’ve crafted, curated or collected over the years that spoke to me—simple in design, made by hand, pleasing to the eye, and warm and welcoming to the touch. These things have a story and a history—what I like to call a soul.

This site is dedicated to those beautiful, wonderful, curious, quirky, soulful things. Everything from a rug made in Turkey to a hand-carved spoon from North Carolina. Beyond the elegant aesthetics of the objects are the people who created them. Their stories are as fascinating and captivating as the things they craft. You'll get to learn about their traditional skills, passed down from generation to generation, along with guidance in finding objects that speak to you and make your space a home.


Ethical Working Conditions

We support ethical working conditions by only sourcing product from small-batch, handmade artisans in the U.S. and fair-trade craft collectives globally.

Earth-Friendly Practices

When sourcing product we look for at least one of the followings elements –natural ingredients or dyes, low-waste packaging, recycled or vintage materials, and heirloom quality items that will be treasured for years to come.


Giving Back

5% of our profits are donated to organizations making a difference in our local and global communities focusing on social and environmental change.