Back At It!

Back At It!


Hi there! After a busy holiday season we took the month of January off to rest, recharge and set our goals for 2018. We took a family trip to sunny San Diego and we am filled with all kinds of excitement about more travel this year, new artisans we want to partner with and where we want to take Casa Verde this year. 

Towards the end of last year I was getting more discouraged the more time I spent on social media, especially Instagram. I had a constant monologue in my head about how my images weren't good enough, I wasn't tagging the right way, I wasn't getting enough likes, etc. I struggled with keeping my vision front of mind and staying on my path. I decided to take a break and, honestly, it's been such a relief. I may go back to posting more on Instagram because I am really excited about the places we visit, the people we meet and the goods we get in the shop, but I also want to stay motivated and encouraged about where I am in this journey and not needing to be anywhere else.

Thanks for listening and, especially, for supporting our small business. We are so grateful to get to support artists in the US and abroad and sharing our passions with you. 

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